The Most Essential Insurance Coverage for Landlords

In places where there is a high demand for apartment and condo rentals, investors are discovering that rental properties have the potential to offer a long term income stream that doesn’t depend on the economy in the same way that single family properties do.

Regardless of the size or number of units or buildings you own, no landlord should be without adequate liability insurance. Landlord protection policies can be customized to allow each landlord to get the optimal coverage they need for their rental properties.

These policies offer liability protection for you, your investment partner, domestic partner or spouse. They cover you against claims such as libel, slander, wrongful or illegal entry or eviction, personal injury and other specified liabilities.

Some landlords feel more secure when they bolster their basic coverage with an umbrella policy. It expands the scope of liabilities against which you could potentially need protection.

Real estate can be an outstanding investment. Since there will always be a demand for rental properties, there is less risk that your rental units will remain vacant.

Don’t risk losing everything because you failed to understand the amount of insurance you need to protect yourself against any risk a landlord might face. Contact American Premier Insurance to discuss landlord insurance coverage options.