Thieves Target Holiday Shoppers: Don’t Become a Victim

Don’t let thieves steal your holiday cheer, or anything else, this winter season. Being aware of your surroundings and implementing safety precautions can help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of holiday theft. Use these prevention tips throughout the holiday season.

Be assertive: Criminals often target victims that are unaware of their surroundings or seem distracted. Walk swiftly and perceive a sense of confidence. Make polite eye contact with passersby and avoid strangers. If possible, walk with a family member or friend and stay off of your cell phone as you walk, although you should have it close by.

Keep your property secure: Park your vehicle in a well-lit, high-traffic area where other shoppers frequent. Lock your windows and doors when exiting your vehicle, and do not leave anything of value in sight. After shopping, quickly put your shopping bags and packages into the trunk and promptly leave the parking lot.

Have Street Smarts: It’s inevitable that you’ll need to carry money when holiday shopping. Keep your finances safe by only carrying the amount of money you need for purchases, preferably in the form of a single credit card. Use caution when using ATM machines, and never carry the pin number for your cards on you.

For more information on holiday theft prevention, please contact American Premier Insurance of Phoenix, Arizona.