Tips and Tricks to Limit Liability This Halloween

If you are hosting a Halloween party this season or welcoming your neighborhood trick-or-treaters there are some tips you should follow to keep your home safe and limit your liability.

Turn your porch light on. Turning your porch light on lets the neighbors know you are welcoming kids and provides for a safer environment.

Avoid candles in Jack-O-Lanterns. Battery powered portable lights and glow sticks are a much safer alternative to the open flame of a candle.

Clear obstacles. Make sure there aren’t any plants or decorative items in the area of your sidewalk or where people will be walking.

Make sure your pets are secure. Don’t take chances of having your pet interact with trick-or-treaters or perhaps even getting outside.

Take care when carving pumpkins. Make sure young ones are supervised and use tools that are created specifically for carving pumpkins.

Hand out only factory packaged goodies. Home-made treats might be great for your family but shouldn’t be handed out to strangers.

Halloween has turned into a huge annual event for kids and adults. It is also a good time to check your homeowner’s insurance policy to verify your coverage. At American Premier Insurance, we serve the Phoenix, Arizona area. Contact us for your no obligation insurance review.