Tips to Slash Stress During Your Summer Travels

Tips to Slash Stress During Your Summer Travels

If you plan to travel this summer, keep these stress-reducing tips in mind.

Your upcoming vacation should be relaxing, but stress all too often creeps in. Fortunately, you can plan ahead and fend it off! Keep your summer travels free of unnecessary stress with these tips.

Sail through security.

If we asked ten people to name the worst part of flying, at least nine of them would say security. While getting through is something you’ll always have to do, you can make sure it isn’t overly stressful by arriving early. If you’re traveling internationally, experts advise getting to the airport a whopping three hours early. It might sound like a lot, but that extra hour helps you avoid anxiously watching the minutes slip by too quickly. Worth it to start your trip on the right note, right?

Load your luggage well.

Packing wisely doesn’t just alleviate stress at the airport (although it doesn’t hurt)! It also clears up legroom in the car and on the plane, and makes it easier to get to your end destination. It’s a whole lot less work to navigate an unknown city with a lightweight, easy-to-carry suitcase than heaps of baggage! Pack clothing that can be worn more than one, roll things to maximize space, and split toiletries between yourself and the people with whom you’ll be traveling.

Steer clear of sickness.

Getting ill can ruin a trip. Eat healthy, get lots of sleep, and hydrate during the week leading up to your trip. While traveling, make sure you keep drinking lots of water and keep your hands clean. Hand sanitizer can be a lifesaver (or at least a trip-saver) on crowded buses and planes! Also, talk to your doctor before you head out to double-check that you have all the necessary immunizations.

We hope you have a fantastic time during your summer travels! To get the insurance you need to rest easy while you’re away, contact American Premier Insurance, serving Phoenix and neighboring cities in Arizona.