6 Ways to Get over Your Fear of Driving

fear of driving

Fear of driving, also known as motorphobia, results in extreme and persistent fear of driving on the roads. There are several reasons why you might experience distress or panic attack the moment you think about driving. Past experiences on the road, a history of accidents, lack of trust in your driving abilities, noisy and crowded roads can all trigger your anxiety, making it difficult for you to concentrate while driving.

While extreme cases would require a therapist, you can overcome your minor fear of driving by following a few rational techniques. Here are six ways in which you can drive your vehicle with peace of mind.

  1. Choose to Drive During the Day

If you have trouble with your vision which is likely to affect your motor skills, make it a point to drive in broad daylight. This way, you wouldn’t be afraid of taking the wrong turns or hitting hidden objects while driving on unfamiliar roads.

  1. Go for the Highway!

One way to overcome your fear of driving is to choose the highway as often as you can. Highways can be scary for new drivers. So start with smaller ones with less traffic and as time passes you can move to the longer and busier ones.

  1. Keep Practicing

People often make the mistake of giving up driving altogether as soon as they have their first major accident. Do not let your fear get the better of you! Emergencies can occur at any time, and driving is one skill that would be crucial in helping you reach out for help at the right time.

  1. Ask Someone to Ride with You

Having someone ride with you can help ease your anxiety levels as you will now have someone with you in case you get involved in an accident. If you are new to driving, having someone accompany you on short trips is a good way to overcome your fears. This person needn’t necessarily have a driver’s license. However, it’s always recommended to drive under the watchful eyes of an experienced driver, especially if you are new to driving.

  1. Take Driving Lessons

This indeed is the best way to overcome your fear of driving. A driver’s training course will help you overcome your inhibitions related to driving as the classes will impart real-time, practical lessons on how to maneuver your vehicle through different roads and under different circumstances. Besides, you will be accompanied by a professional driving instructor who will guide you at every step.

  1. Talk to a Therapist

If despite all your efforts you simply cannot stop getting anxious while driving, it’s time to talk to a therapist. Your therapist will recommend several treatment options such as psychotherapy, support groups, medications, and so on.

Most people who are afraid of driving often tend to overthink the negative events that might arise while they drive. Driving phobia, like all other phobias, can be overcome, provided you take the steps needed to tackle your driving-related fears, one at a time. Having the right auto insurance in place will protect you in the event of any unfortunate accidents. Contact our agents at American Premier Insurance today to find out how we can help you lower your risk and get the auto insurance you need at an affordable price.