What Are The Benefits of Landlord Protection?

Rental property is one of the greatest investments; however, it is only a good investment if you make sure to insure your property with the proper protection. At the same time, you want to make certain to choose an insurance company that is going to provide landlord protection for not only your rental property but you and your significant other as well.

Key Benefits of Landlord Protection

While every insurance policy is different, most landlord protection policies will offer the following benefits and coverage:

  • Theft and damage by tenants
  • Recovery of rent after the tenant defaults
  • Personal injury for you, the owner, and your spouse or domestic partner
  • Wrongful entry as well as wrongful eviction
  • Libel and slander

In order to make sure you, as a landlord, are in a position of security, make sure to contact us at American Premier Insurance to find out more information about landlord protection insurance in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, and to get a quote now!