What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Many renters falsely believe that they don’t need renters insurance because their landlord has homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance will only cover the physical property that the renter is renting. Renters insurance is necessary to cover the actual contents of the property that belong to the renter. 

Additionally, there are times when a liability suit may be raised against a renter because someone was injured within the home. Renters insurance provides liability protection for this reason. Many renters aren’t aware that a renters insurance policy can also cover their personal possessions when they’re traveling. 

When obtaining renters insurance, the renter should create a complete inventory of their items and the cost of each individual item.When at all possible, the renter should store any applicable receipts in a safe place. If anything does happen, the renter will have all the documentation they need.

Renters insurance is usually surprisingly affordable, so those interested in obtaining it should call their insurance company as soon as possible. For more information about renters insurance and homeowners insurance contact the insurance experts at American Premier Insurance