Who’s Covered Under My Car Insurance Policy?

Who’s Covered Under My Car Insurance Policy?

Understand who is covered to drive your vehicle. 

Perhaps a friend needs to borrow your pickup to move into their new home or your out-of-state aunt wants to pop down to the shops in your car. As vehicle owners, it’s not uncommon to have people ask to borrow your car. While you want to help those you love, it’s important to be sure that the vehicle and the person driving is covered by your auto insurance policy.

Will your auto insurance protect you, your friend, and your vehicle?

You can safely lend your vehicle to someone without worrying about whether that person is a named driver on your auto insurance policy as long as the following three conditions are met:

  • You’ve given the person permission to drive your vehicle
  • The person is a licensed driver, legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle in your state
  • The person doesn’t use your vehicle on a regular basis

Before you lend your vehicle to someone else…

Whenever you allow someone else to drive your car, there are risks that you face. Unfortunately, even good drivers are sometimes involved in accidents. While it’s common to lend a friend or relative your vehicle, you should be aware that you’re also exposing yourself to liabilities that may not be covered by your auto insurance. Simply put, if a friend borrows your vehicle and causes an accident, you could be found financially responsible.

The person who will be driving your car must have a valid driving license and should stay safe behind the wheel. To be covered by your auto insurance, even if the person is related to you, you can’t allow someone to use your vehicle as part of their regular routine. For example, even if your friend uses your vehicle every Tuesday to go to the grocery store, you’ll need to speak with your insurance agent to list that person on your policy.

An insurance agent can help you to fill in the gaps and secure the right policy to suit your needs and budget. To get the right car insurancecontact the experts at American Premier Insurance today in Phoenix, Arizona today!