Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

If you’re currently in the market for a new insurance policy, or if you would just like to check on the coverage of your existing policies, you may want to go through an independent insurance agent. When you go through captive insurance companies you are speaking with agents that are interested in selling you the insurance services of the company they work for. This means that they aren’t looking to save you money.

An independent insurance agent, by contrast, has connections with all of the local and national insurance companies applicable to the type of insurance you are looking for. These independent insurance agents can find you the most inexpensive policy possible throughout all of these options. Independent insurance agents will also be able to get favorable pricing from these insurance companies, and they will be extremely knowledgeable about the best ways to bundle insurance to save you even more money.

Using an independent insurance agent gives you all of the benefits of a regular insurance agent and more. For more information about the benefits of an independent insurance agent contact the insurance experts at American Premier Insurance Agency, serving the insurance needs of Arizona.