Home Maintenance Minders for Our Moderate Phoenix Winter

Winter Home Maintenance & Homeowners Insurance Phoenix AZ

Even though winter in Phoenix, AZ isn’t too cold, we still need to consider these maintenance tasks and homeowners insurance.

One of the best things about living in the Phoenix area is that winter is so moderate. You won’t have to scrape ice off your windshield or shovel snow off your walkway! That doesn’t mean you can ignore the winter months, though. Keep these home maintenance minders and your Phoenix, AZ homeowners insurance in mind this winter to keep your home in its best shape throughout the year.

  • Wash your Windows. Did you know that dirty windows can block as much as 20 percent of sunlight from your home? Not only does that mean darker, drearier days indoors, it can also mean a higher heating bill. Banish winter blues and keep your home cozy by cleaning your windows! Plus, the cloudy days of winter will make it easier to see streaks.
  • Filter your Furnace. When your furnace filter is dirty, your system works harder and the air in your home is less clean. Save energy and keep healthy by swapping out your furnace filter every couple of months. Bring your old filter with you to the home improvement store to easily find your replacement filter.
  • Consider Caulking. While the weather won’t be constantly frigid this winter, it definitely does get chilly during those desert nights. Keep your home warm by touching up your caulking as needed. Not sure if you should get out your caulking gun? If you can fit a nickel in the gaps between your home’s doors or windows and its siding, it’s time to touch up that seal.

With all the work you put into keeping up your home through the seasons, you definitely deserve great homeowners insurance to protect it. For top-tier coverage paired with excellent service in Phoenix and the surrounding Arizona area, contact American Premier Insurance today!