Your Emergency Supplies May Not Last Forever

Have you’ve stocked up on food, water and other necessities in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency? You may feel well-prepared, but remember that those supplies won’t last forever. Make sure your emergency supplies will meet your needs by checking and updating them regularly..

Here are a few things to look for:

1) Contrary to popular belief, canned goods won’t last forever. Check the expiration date on any canned products and use them before
2) Regularly check any emergency food and water for signs of spoiling. Indicators can include bulging cans, noticeable odors, changes in color and clumps or particles in liquids.
3) Hygiene products and medicine can also expire. Check and refresh your supply as needed.
4) Test batteries periodically to make sure they’ve kept their charge. Discard any batteries showing signs of corrosion.
5) Check clothes, blankets, shoes and similar items for signs of wear such as moth holes. If you’re storing clothes and shoes for your family, remember you will need to update the supply as people grow, or gain or lose weight.

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